Don Schlondorf #98



 I am the step son of Don Schlondorf (Dennis Shavlik).  I have many fond memories of riding the rides before the races, watching dad race and listening to George Murphy announce the races.  Dad raced the 55 Chevy with the hard running 350 until I believe about 1970 or 71 when he started racing the 69 Chevy with the 454.  He always complained about how hard the 350 ran with limited issues but he struggled with heat problems on the 454 along with ball joint issues on the 69.  He retired from racing in I believe 72 and passed away in 1987.  I even have memories of my family getting together with Paul and Zadan and his family on occasion.   The best memory was when dad won all that money on the silver dollar night where he had these big bag of silver dollars ( I believe that was the payout at playland and not sunset)  In any event I enjoyed looking at the stories and photos on the website and even found a few we had in storage of dad racing at Playland so I am attaching them in this email.

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