Al Franks
Car #89


1969_8901.jpg (47450 bytes)

Me, "helping" Dad.  I probably wasn't much help, but he never said so, and never discouraged me.

1969_8902.jpg (46773 bytes)

Dad, with a torch!! Changes are coming...

1969_8903.jpg (63977 bytes)

The '58 Ford had a 292 with 3 dueces and a 3 speed trans. It didn't have nearly enough gear even running through 2nd gear in the tranny.

\1969_al2.jpg (51558 bytes)

These pictures from the backyard truly reveal the roots of  Backyard Racing. 

A name Dad thought up when I was Drag racing.    Very appropriate!!

dadchase.jpg (65982 bytes)

Dad and Dave Chase's '64 Chevy,,,,  bumpers locked in battle. They did a couple of laps like this, trying to untangle.

Dad, 3rd in the B feature           Dad, 4th in the C feature.

If you look real hard you'll see Al Franks in the B feature results in the left article and in the C feature results in the right article.

racindad.jpg (55701 bytes) dadnme1.jpg (32396 bytes)

Dad at age 65 and me, racing in 1997.  The only picture of both of us on the track together. He is in my brother Tracy's  89 car and I'm in the #1 car.


dad-89.jpg (77386 bytes)  dad-89-1.jpg (42421 bytes)  dad-89-2.jpg (52289 bytes) dad-gotra0002.jpg (74039 bytes)


The 89 had a nearly stock 283 and a glide trans.  Dad pushed her hard!

Dad, in '98, three years before he died.  Helping as always.

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