'64 Chevelle Build

Dave Kaut rebuilds the Playland Chevelle.



The Chevelle story so far...

chev0001.jpg (61013 bytes) I sold my Chevelle to Playland track champion Dave Kaut on 2-5-05.  The chevelle is a verified Playland veteran. I  bought it from Jim Foote.  It was his Roy Foote's (his Dad's) car.  Last raced 28 plus years ago at Playland and Sunset.   


Jim  dragged it from it's resting place on Lime Kiln Road, north of Council Bluffs,Ia.  It has no motor or trans but most of the car is there. chev01.jpg (11900 bytes) It has a Franklin 3/4 ton truck rear and 1960 Chevy 3/4 ton front spindles on a 55 Chevy frame.  It has tubular upper "A" arms and double shocks with rear leaf springs. Jim made all the wheels for this car.  The Footes bought it from Mike Tyson.  Mike raced it as a 55 Chevy at Playland.

 chev0002.jpg (13904 bytes) It has a long way to go!  It is one of the very few survivors.  In fact, so far it's the only bronco/hobby stock survivor I have physically seen.  Dave plans to rebuild the chevelle for Vintage open racing.  Good luck with the car Dave!! 


The chevelle as it sat in my shop.  These pics were taken by Dave when he looked at the car.

64chevelle01.jpg (34718 bytes)    64chevelle02.jpg (31537 bytes)   64chevelle03.jpg (35502 bytes)    

The chevelle in Dave's garage.  He has started the rebuild.  Hopefully he'll keep us up to date with it's progress!

64chevelle04.jpg (37188 bytes)   64chevelle05.jpg (33830 bytes)   64chevelle06.jpg (36979 bytes)  

From Dave: 3-5-05- I'm still cutting things off of the frame. In the end there will be nothing left but the frame. Then the building will begin. I'm enjoying doing this. I might be old but this car and what it represents is making my mind young again.

64chevelle07.jpg (39393 bytes)  64chevelle08.jpg (37688 bytes) 64chevelle09.jpg (41987 bytes) 

Got new pics from Dave 4-18-2006-

kaut-Image001.jpg (28681 bytes) kaut-Image002.jpg (23764 bytes) kaut-Image003.jpg (26173 bytes) kaut-Image004.jpg (25571 bytes) kaut-Image005.jpg (33839 bytes) 

kaut-Image006.jpg (31980 bytes) kaut-image007.jpg (46257 bytes) kaut-Image008.jpg (41060 bytes) kaut-Image010.jpg (27721 bytes) 

Got more pics from Dave 4-23-2006-

kaut-Image011.jpg (35551 bytes) kaut-Image012.jpg (33896 bytes) kaut-Image013.jpg (30978 bytes) 

kaut-Image014.jpg (26188 bytes) kaut-Image016.jpg (27831 bytes) kaut-Image017.jpg (29958 bytes) 

from Dave: Here are the last of the pictures for a while, it will bring the progress of the car up to date.


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