Joe Daub
Car #166, 60, 6


Maybe a few of you were able to visit with Joe at the 2003 Reunion.  Joe Daub was a buddy of my Dad Al Franks.  Joe and his wife Violet, Vi to her friends are longtime friends of the family.

In fact  I had a crush on his daughter Terri.

Joe and Dad, Pat McNear and sometimes Lloyd Asbridge, used to go to the old Irvington Dragstrip in the early to mid-sixties.  I got to go sometimes when I was lucky. Pat raced a 55 Chevy 2-door wagon there as well as a Pontiac Tempest and a 4-door 55 wagon. But that's another story or two....

It was only natural that Dad, Joe and Pat  would end up stockcar racing too. All raced at Playland. I think Joe raced from about 1969 until 75 or so. Pat moved back to Florida where he raced until very recently.

Joe is the nephew of a famous area racer, Carl Lilenthal.

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Joe is looking for pictures of powder puff racing.  Specifically a picture of the #60 standing on it's nose next to the starter stand. Vi was driving!  I don't remember how she got it into that position, but it was standing on it's nose for what seemed like a couple of seconds, kinda balancing there before falling back onto it's wheels.

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