John Ferrin
Driver Car 103



John Ferrin of Omaha raced at Playland Speedway from 1968-1972. During that time frame, John raced orange í55 Chevys, # 103, built by John himself. 

John Ferrin

John ran Playlandís Bronco Division in 1968 & í69. His first orange # 103, with Chevy 327 power, survived the tough Playland racing of 1968, but unfortunately, was involved in a roll-over at Whitehead Speedway, a large Ĺ mi dirt track near Nebraska City. While John was not seriously injured, his race car was; enough for it to be finished racing.

For the 1969 season, John built another í55 Chev, and returned to Playland, racing in the Bronco Division. One of Johnís least favorite Playland memories happened in the Bronco Division, as rough driving by others took its toll. One night, Johnís # 103 got hit by a car that struck & bounced off every car it got close to. This caused an unwanted trip to the frame machine.

 In 1970, Playlandís format changed from exclusively Broncos to 3 classes. The Broncos remained as a popular class, but cars in it were subject a $500 claim rule. Playlandís new Mini Stock class was introduced in 1970 with a similar concept as the Broncos, but with foreign cars, restricted rules, and no claim rule.

The premiere division introduced in 1970 was the Super Stocks, 1955-1970 American-built cars that were allowed to run big tires, less restrictions, and with no claim rule.

 John made the switch and upgraded his í55 Chev Bronco car from 1969 to a Super Stock for 1970. Helping with this and never missing any of Johnís Playland races was his brother Denny, who passed away a few years ago.

 The competition in the Super Stock class was quality and tough; any good finishes there were earned. With names like Paul Zdan, RonTilley, Dick Gappa, Wally Nissen, Bill Sheffield, Elvin Heiman, Glen McKeigan, and others, no race was an easy one.

 Johnís favorite Playland memory happened during the 1970 season, when John won his Heat, the Trophy Dash, and finished 2nd in the Super ĎAí, just 1 spot short of a clean sweep.

 More recently, John is retired from UPS, drives a school bus part time, and is into street rodding. He & his wife Jeanette can be seen occasionally at various local car shows. John has restored a beautiful í57 Chevy that went to their daughter. His current project is a 1936 Ford 2 door sedan, that when completed will have Ford power under the hood. 

Like most that raced at Playland, John has some good related memories & stories to tell.

Pic 1:  John Ferrinís 1955 Chevy Bronco car, built/raced in 1968. Car was in a rollover at Whitehead Speedway, ending its racing career.

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Pic 2: John and his late brother Denny Ferrin. Denny helped Johnís racing effort  and never missed a Playland race when John was racing

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Pic 3: 1970 Playland Super Stock top drivers. John Ferrin is on Wally Nissenís right.  

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