Elvin Heiman
Car #66

Elvin  "Junior" Heiman was one of the best of the Playland bronco drivers, winning a  track championship in 1963. His studebakers were some of the most remembered racecars at Playland. Voted most popular driver of 1968, he was a big hit with the fans.  

Elvin has attended a couple of the reunions and always shares some good stories from the good old days at Playland.  He is a friendly, good natured guy.  I saw him quite a bit when growing up and hanging around my uncle Roy's place. He always has a smile on his face.  That is why it's amazing that he wanted to go after Tilley (pics below).  Ron must have really ticked Junior off to make that happen!  As Elvin said, "I was smart enough to leave my helmet on!"


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