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As I stated on page 1.  These photos are from two scrapbooks loaned to me by Randall Leazenby via Bill Stawowcyzk.  Bill brought the scrapbooks up from Missouri for the April 2004 reunion.  Thanks Bill! We all appreciate the effort.

Reminder ---- They are ALL from 1976!!! 

Here are the pics!!  If you can offer up any descriptions to go with them please do.

top, Frank or Jean Vealasquez, #40 Clayton Rhoades, Bob Cave SR #7., 77 in background is Mike Rocha Terry Narmi #80, 94 is Don Hatfield, 100 is Troy Watson, 77x Allan Hanson, 53 is Larry Robinson sr 45 Mark Welsher, 67 Frank Prideaux, Jean Velasquez in 96. dunno who these are, nice 57 chevy though 16 Keith Christiansen, 17 Bill McCoy

10 Joe Gaqscoigne.,198 Jimm Neff, 98 Don Lemley, 4 Jerry Marco  53 Larry Robinson, 46 John Black, 29 Dwayne Manchester 65 Hoden, 44 Kaut, Jim Nordstrom 8 , 9 Randy Wredt 77 Mike Rocha, Bob Fitzsimmons, 101 Bill Sheffield 66 Heiman, 34 Don Marshall, 32x Don Doebelin 50 Sonny Miller, 47 Don Doebelin driving Earl Schmitt's car, 12 Karl Gray

110 Bill Sorenson scan0035.jpg (174239 bytes) scan0036.jpg (149384 bytes) 66 Heiman, Marco, Zdan,  Prideaux, 7 Cave, 37 Craig Spetman, Jim Neff, 28 OJ Gay in Bob Golden's car. scan0038.jpg (144276 bytes) left column Bob Cave, Jerry Marco, Paul Zdan, Ron Tilley,Right column Jerry Marco. Tilley. Don Doebelin, Marco

scan0040.jpg (119745 bytes) 1st Col, Vandoorn, Vandoorn, Cave Sr, Zdan 2nd col,Zdan, Don Marshall, Bob Cave sr, Ron Tilley scan0042.jpg (125330 bytes) left Bob Cave Sr, Jerry Marco, Right, Vandoorn, 53 Larry Robinson, Marco 78 Bill McCoy from early 76 and Cave Sr. Junior Heiman wants some of Ron Tilley!

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