Dyno Don Lemley
Car #98

Dyno Don Lemley currently resides in Michigan.  He raced at Playland Speedway from 1973 to 1977 mostly driving for himself. 

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Don's worst night of racing:  During hot laps, we were testing a new engine, going in to turn #1, the gas pedal stuck to the floor.  I did not want to blow a new engine so I hit the brakes and rode it out through the wall and hit a tree.  I could not reach the kill switch on the dash.  Bad spot for that!  I went to the hospital for the night, the car was totaled- Bad decision, Bad night, lost four weeks of points while building a new car.

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Don's best night of racing: Won the Tiny Lund trophy and 2nd in the feature.  I still have the trophy.  Started at the rear of both races.

Don's favorite Playland story: Was behind Karl gray and Bob Cave in the trophy dash.  They were banging on each other coming into turn three.  Cave took Gray high, which opened the bottom of the track up.  I slid under both of them and took the checkers.  A protest was filed and Gray and I sat on the track to get the outcome.  The win was given to Gray and my pit crew threw a fit and pulled our car back on the track to protest, but nothing was changed- (go figure).

Just a little info-  Karl ended up driving a car that Dave Kaut once drove and plowed into the back stretch fence- bent the front horn.  Karl's owner and Karl thought the car was done but I got it and raced to a few wins with it till the hot lap wreck.  That cow catcher bumper was used on two other of my cars.  It was so heavy that one night it got tore off and someone in the infield tried to pull it off the track and could barely drag it off.

Don Lemley 



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