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Car #78

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Ed Morris drove the Bronco, Mini  and Super Stock classes at at Playland , winning the Mini and Super title in  1970 !!  Thanks to Carol Elder for scanning the images  on these two pages for all of us to enjoy!

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The Eddie Morris chevy #78 has been found!!  It doesn't look as good as it did here, but you can still see some of the purple paint!!  Kim Elder and I visited the #78 and it's new owner who dragged it from it's resting spot.  Here are the pics that Kim took.


elder-scan0015a.jpg (30289 bytes) elder-scan0015b.jpg (19996 bytes) elder-scan0015c.jpg (26465 bytes) the toggle switch turned on-off the light for the 300 lap race.  When the light was on, your racing partner's car would come out as you went in. elder-scan0016b.jpg (24829 bytes) elder-scan0016c.jpg (20348 bytes) 

elder-scan0017a.jpg (17731 bytes) two sets of spring mounts, one for bronco and one for super stock to allow the wider tire to fit under the fender. elder-scan0017c.jpg (28238 bytes) elder-scan0018a.jpg (35609 bytes) elder-scan0018b.jpg (31481 bytes) elder-scan0018c.jpg (12022 bytes) 

elder-scan0019.jpg (19294 bytes)


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