Frank Prideaux
Car #67

As I reminded Frank at the 2003 Playland Reunion, I used to be his paperboy. He often had the car at his house, even when he didn't it was often nearby.  My uncle Roy sponsored a car or two, including the 55 in the photo below.  Check out the address of the gas station, it was just down a few blocks down 16th ave from Frank.

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I had the pleasure of chatting with Frank and Lois on Dec 3, 2003 at their home. 

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Frank told me he occasionally drove a coupe stockcar on the levee road in the south end of C.B. near his house.  Sort of test runs.  One time with Claude Brown riding along and holding on to the top of the rollcage, Frank managed to roll the coupe ending up in a cornfield, upside down.  Well, the roof kinda rolled up right along the rollbar as sheetmetal will when rolled.  Unfortunately, Sonny (Claude) still had his hands there..... TRAPPED between the roof and the rollbar!!  Frank went for help while Sonny screamed to get him outta there.  Frank returned with a pickup and chain and some help.  They got the coupe uprighted with Sonny still yellin' for them to get him out!  They pounded the roof up enough to get him free, no worse for wear.  They tore up that cornfield pretty good getting out of there.


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The article above describes a nasty rollover that Frank took. Frank is in this "TOP 10" photo from 1970 something, maybe 1972.

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Frank also told of the days when he'd haul his 34 ford coupe to Mo. Valley by tow bar to race at the fairgrounds.  A cop pulled him over and told him he'd get ticketed if he towed the car on a tow bar. Frank asked how he was expected to get the car there without towing it on the towbar.  "Drive it!" the cop said.  So, Frank unhooked it and drove the stocker there. 

Frank originally had the #66 because he was sponsored bt=y a Phillips 66 gas station.  One year Elvin "Junior" Heiman beat him to the number.  Frank added one to it and began the #67 tradition.