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Amusement Park: Dodge Park Playland
Address: Council Bluffs, Iowa USA
History: The park was started by brothers Abe and Louis Slusky on 14 acres on the north side of the Iowa approach of the Ak-Sar-Ben Bridge (US Highway 6 over the Missouri River). The park continued to grow to 60 acres.

In 1964 the park was reduced to 20 acres to make room for the building of Interstate 480. The wooden roller coaster was removed, but the midway did reopen the following year with a dozen rides.

In 1970 Abe Slusky died of a heart attack. This was the end of the amusement park and the rides were moved to Frontier City in Oklahoma City which the brothers had purchased the year before.

The race track continued to operate after the amusement rides were removed until it closed in 1977. Today the area is a city park.

Status: Operated from 1948 to 1970
Notes: The operating years of 1948 to 1970 represent when the amusement portion of the park existed.

An interesting ad appeared on page 67 of the March 10th, 1958 issue of Billboard Magazine in regards to this park. Among other items listed for sale was the following:

Phil. Tob. Co.'s Jr. Roller Coaster
1 train of 4 cars
used only 1 season
Playland Park, Council Bluffs, Iowa

There was a roller coaster at Playland Park in Council Bluffs, but by no means could it be considered a "Jr. Roller Coaster". Plus in 1958 it would have already been in operation for about 10 seasons. So this PTC Jr. is something else.

Perhaps looking at a more recent situation could offer an explanation to this mystery. Take the story of the "Thunder Eagle" roller coaster at "Race World" in Pigeon Forge, TN. The roller coaster was built and operated for just one season. The park closed and the roller coaster remained for several seasons but did not operate. Then "Mont Saint Sauveur" in Saint-Sauveur, PQ Canada purchased the roller coaster, transported it Canada, but never erected it. The roller coaster was then put up for sale. Even though this roller coaster was about 5 years old, it could still be advertised as "used only 1 season".

Based on various PTC lists there were around 5 PTC junior coasters built from 1952 to when this ad ran in 1958. The history of these would indicate most operated for more than one year. One suspicion is of PTC #121 built in 1954 at "Funland" in Las Vegas, NV. Little is known of this Funland roller coaster and perhaps that is because it was short lived -- like for only one season.

Past Roller Coasters (2): Name Type Design Opened Closed
  Roller Coaster Wood Sit Down 1948 1964
  Wild Mouse Steel Sit Down 1965 1970