Roy Robertson
Cars #63, 67 and 66

My uncle Roy.  I hung out at their house with my cousin, "Dude", Roy Robertson Jr. a lot as a kid.  Roy always had stockcars and stockcar people around.

I was there one day when Ron Stander "the Bluffs Butcher" came over and asked if Roy could bring his wrecker down to lake Manawa and get Ron's dad's car out of the lake.  Ron had backed down a bank and opened the trunk to fish out of.  The car slid into the water just enough that he couldn't get out. This big hulking boxer was afraid that his diminutive dad would kill him if he found out! Shows how respectful Ron was of his dad.  Although I didn't know Ron personally, I admired Ron even more after that.

Roy Robertson drove car #63, a '56 Plymouth about 1966 or so at Playland.  He quit driving it solely and John Hoden and Sonny Brown drove it also.  

roy01.jpg (27339 bytes)Left to right: Don Brown, Frank Stevens, Jack McClean, Roy Robertson, Bob Hoden and John Hoden


roy02.jpg (25686 bytes) The infamous beetle, #7, of Larry Jiskra, powered by a 348 cu Chevy.  Stuck here in the side of Roy's car driven by John Hoden.

roy03.jpg (52913 bytes) The Plymouth Valiant, Sonny Brown drove it, sponsored by Roy's Sunset Service. By the time he had the valiant, Sonny Brown was the only driver. 

After Sonny, Frank Prideaux drove for him and later Roy had the lark that Elvin Heiman drove. 

roy04frankprideaux.jpg (63967 bytes)Roy's 55 Chevy, driven by Frank Prideaux. Sponsored by Roy's Sinclair.



roy05elvin.jpg (41861 bytes) The Studebaker Lark, 327 chevy powered, and driven by Elvin "Junior" Heiman.  A truly nice guy. Sponsored by Reliable Truck Repair.

Roy was involved in an interesting piece of Playland history. Roy and Don Brown were the driver negotiators in the dispute with Playland management over purses.  I asked Roy why he was chosen by the drivers to represent them. "I guess they thought I was good at arguing!". There is an article on the history page about that!

Today Roy owns and operates, Roy's Truck and Auto Sales in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Stop by and chat with him sometime!

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