Ron Stander
Car #99


Ron drove car #99 in the Bronco class at Playland.  He was as fearless behind the steering wheel as he was in the ring.  As  Playland folks know, he was also a heavyweight boxer. 

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Ron claimed the #44 car of Dave Kaut on August 29,1970 and decided to go racing. The #44 was a great car and the current Bronco points leader with Dave Kaut at the wheel. 

Ron only took the car out a few times in 1971. Won a heat on 7-4-71 with the car #99 now.  

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I had the opportunity to follow (via my aunt and uncle) much of Ron's career.  My aunt Lois Robertson was especially fond of Ron and often had a fight poster hanging in their house. She kept me informed of Ron's progress from amateur through pro fighter on nearly each visit to their house.  And my visits were frequent. Why not?  My uncle Roy always seemed to have a racecar around.  

On a few occasions, I saw Ron running up Roy's driveway, stopping by while doing roadwork.  He would have on a jogging suit and I was quite intimidated by him. He was always nice, but the guy is sooo big! 

My favorite Ron Stander story:  

Trying to get really close, Ron had accidentally backed his Dad's car into Lake Manawa while fishing.  He called Roy to retrieve the car with his wrecker.   "My Dad will kill me if he finds out".  Of course Ron wasn't really in danger of being killed, but to see a big boxer afraid if his Dad was pretty funny.  It demonstrated Ron's respect for his father. 



Ron Stander

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Ron Stander (born 1947) is a boxing referee from Omaha, Nebraska, who was once a challenger for the world's Heavyweight crown as a boxer.

Stander, who was ranked number 30 at the time among the world's Heavyweight challengers, was given a try at the title by world champion Joe Frazier, prompting his wife to say the now famous words You don't take a Volkswagen into the Indianapolis 500 unless you know a short-cut.

Stander, who wasn't very amused with the commentary, did not necessarily embarrass himself against Frazier, but he lost by a knockout in the fifth round, requiring 32 stitches to cover his cuts after the fight.

Years later, he retired with a record of 36 wins, 21 losses and 3 draws, 27 wins coming by knockout.

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Here is an interesting write up on Ron, kind of gritty, but interesting:

From the Nebraska Athletic Commision website.

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