Larry Wheeler
Midget/Stockcar Driver #38, #0

Larry Wheeler raced midgets at Playland in the "old days" of midget racing there,  before "organized" racing began at Playland.  For some reason, I guess midget racing was "unorganized!".   You see it over and over in the articles about Playland Speedway racing. 

This material is from Larry's scrapbook and many items date back to the late 40's. Larry not only drove racecars, he worked on them and sponsored them.  He had a long association with Ed Kosiski.  Unfortunately, racing lost a long time supporter and Local legend when Larry passed away.

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Pam (Wheeler) Prchal graciously loaned me Larry's scrapbook to reproduce here.  Once again sharing irreplaceable memories with all of us.

Enjoy the pics!


franks09.jpg (30034 bytes)   franks10.jpg (30684 bytes) Pam with her Dad's racing jacket.

These pictures and articles are in no particular order.  Most weren't dated so bear with me.  If you know the approximate date of anything on the site please share with me.

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