Ron Wolfe
 Driver Car 76

"The Asphalt Animal"



Most folks who were paying attention in the late sixties and early seventies would rember the Asphalt Animal '57 Chevy of Ron Wolfe.



Pic 1:  Ron And George Wolfe

 wolfe_01.jpg (98464 bytes)

Pic 2: Ron Wolfe

wolfe_02.jpg (72501 bytes)

Pic 3: Ron and Kenny Wolfe

wolfe_03.jpg (99465 bytes)


Pic 4:  George Wolfe and his wrecker, a familiar sight at area tracks

wolfe_04.jpg (66937 bytes)

Pic 5: Ron Wolfe getting a little out of shape

wolfe_05.jpg (70321 bytes)

Pic 6: George Wolfe

wolfe_06.jpg (30890 bytes)

Pic 7: George Wolfe

wolfe_07.jpg (31615 bytes)

Pic 8:  The Wolfe family was deeply involved in area racing, here is Ron's daughter, Tracette Wolfe doing trophy girl duty

wolfe_08.jpg (74361 bytes)

Pic 9:  Tracette the trophy girl...

wolfe_09.jpg (85127 bytes)

Pic 10: Wolfe Racing

wolfe_10.jpg (20768 bytes)

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